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Better batteries for a better future

A revolution in battery technology of integrating a novel, mechanical-wave-driven approach significantly improves a lithium battery’s performance, leading to 10X faster charging, 5X life, 2X energy density, and overall improved safety.

A revolutionary solution 

Sonocharge is developing a technology that fits into the unmet need of high power density and high energy density applications. 


Capabilities of the technology

Ultrafast charging

10X reduction of time to charge from current state-of-the-art batteries

Compatible with various chemistries

Li metal batteries, Li-ion batteries, etc.

Long life span

5X increase in battery lifetime

High energy density

More than 2X increase in energy density even under ultrafast charging

Versatile technology

Our solution works on batteries from coin cells to pouch cells and beyond

Enhanced safety

No Li plating, no dendrites

Market opportunity


 Electric Vehicles


 Electric bike


Electric drone

Our team

An Huang, PhD, CEO & Founder

An Huang is a founder and CEO of Sonocharge. She obtained her Ph.D. from UC San Diego for her original work on developing acoustic integrate Li batteries. She has successfully led fundraising activities and pitches, including several federal, state, and private grants. She is an inventor of several pending patents and scientific publications. She is also a holder of a mini-MBA program and Lab to Market program from UCSD MBA Rady school.

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James Friend, PhD, Technical Advisor

James Friend is a Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department from UC San Diego. He has extensive experience in acoustofluidics, from fundamental mathematics to real-world applications. He provides scientific insights into our product development.

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Haodong Liu, PhD, CTO &          Co-Founder

Haodong Liu earned his Ph.D. from UC San Diego on designing the next-generation Li-ion batteries cathode materials. He is then working as a project scientist and leading several projects on advanced energy storage applications. He is an author of at least 50 published and pending scientific publications. He is a holder of a mini-MBA program from UCSD Rady school.

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Ping Liu, PhD, Technical Advisor

Ping Liu is a Professor in the NanoEngineering department from UCSD. He is knowledgeable in the energy storage and conversion materials discipline. He offers scientific insights and battery industry insights to our product development.

Vish Krishnan, PhD, Business Advisor

Vish Krishnan is a Professor from UCSD Rady school. He is a seasoned advisor, entrepreneur, and investor. He provides us with extensive insights into business development and marketing strategy.

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